Striking Modern Kitchen Becomes the Heart of a Refined Luxurious Home

Midtown West, NYC

This approximately 3300 square feet private residence is a gut renovation that combined two adjacent apartments for a family of four, including two children. It is located in a pre-war building in Midtown Manhattan, in the vicinity of Carnegie Hall. ...Read More

The existing building offered high ceilings with characteristic beams, spacious rooms, but despite high ceilings the exposure to daylight is limited due to proximity and height of neighboring buildings. Thus lighting of the apartment became the crucial aspect of the project.

The apartment is divided into two parts at the entry foyer with public side containing living, dining, kitchen, and guest bedroom on one side and private on the opposite side, containing three bedrooms and bathroom suites.

The kitchen opens into a combined living and dining rooms through an ecoresin, translucent sliding wall. Framed in a slender aluminum profile frames and engineered to conceal its’ guiding hardware, it quietly hovers over the floor without ever touching it.

A long walk through the private quarters towards master bedroom suite is designed to become a gallery which gives an opportunity to feature artwork. Both children bedrooms received an illuminated and colorful wall opposite their beds. This play wall allows them to learn and experiment without fear. Overall, the architecture of this residence introduces modern, open spaces and continuous flow into a rigid, traditional apartment layout and combines the two contradictions with mutual respect.