Luxurious Penthouse Combines Historical Charm with Modern Features

Upper East Side, NYC

This 1700 Sq Ft residence is an addition to and a complete renovation of an existing house, located in the Northern New Jersey town of Ringwood. It is set in a tranquil area, surrounded by hills and trees, and overlooking a lake. It is organized on two levels with living functions downstairs and sleeping, study/contemplation on the upper level. An open stair case wrapping around the fireplace interlocks the two levels. Its functional simplicity makes an efficient and straightforward home. ...Read More

The ever changing landscape penetrates into the house through large windows facing the lake. At times the view becomes a stage for action of natural forces. The only space in the house that is not exposed to it is the master suite. The vertical volume of the staircase with full height windows fills the entire house with the direct sunlight, which animates spaces with its warmth and happiness.

Composition of planes and volumes, inspired by cubism, creates a series of open areas, which fluidly become one another. Except for bathrooms, privacy is provided through space orientation and not through physical barriers. The continuous play of cool water and air with warm sun light and sunset sky materialized in a contrasting materials palette throughout.