Twisted, Translucent Ecoresin Panels Engineered to Materialize Music

WHCR 90.3 FM RADIO STATION at the City College of New York, Upper Manhattan, NYC

The Client's goal was to create a new identity for the Community Radio Station, located within the NAC building on the CCNY campus. It was achieved through the creation and engineering of a wavy art wall made out of molded eco resins, which was intended to materialize music through its form. At the same time this translucent, twisted, free-standing feature wall provides a screen for a green room and a conference room from the main reception area. ...Read More

Custom Lighting provides it with a soft glow, visually lifting it off the ground and turning it into a giant glowing light fixture. Through its reference to music, the feature wall established the Radio Station's identity.

The Radio Station president, who also teaches journalism classes at the City College, wished to intertwine learning environment with the broadcasting studios in order to expose students to live broadcasting. This challenge was met by creating a multi-purpose classroom within the Radio Station suite, which creates endless opportunities for interactions. In addition, the large open space can be used for larger meetings or fund-raising events. An open mesh ceiling takes advantage of the mechanical plenum space visually increasing the ceiling height.