Ideas of Reuse, Recycle and Re-imagine inspired Responsible Design on a Budget

ANTEK RESTAURANT, 105 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

The design of this small Polish restaurant is composed of three distinct areas, each defined by a specific material and its vivid color. The front dining room is comprised of two interlocked, linear zones, each with unique atmosphere. One is defined by a dark wood banquette wrapped around guests with a lowered ceiling, while the other offers light and a geometrical composition of warm tones. Indirect lighting, acoustical ceiling and soft walls define comfort. ...Read More

The design considered ecological footprint of this new construction and utilized all sustainable solutions: reused elements from the original furniture to construct new tables while providing compressed, recycled paper table tops, sustainable recycled-content floor tiles and polycarbonate custom light panels.

Architectural design is completed by colorful graphics consistently used on menu boards, take-out menus, promotional materials and in the restaurant’s website, all designed as part of our contract.