Cubism-Inspired Modern Design for Executive Office Suite


Polygram Holding Inc., an established entertainment corporation whose labels are primarily in the rock and roll market, leases six floors in Manhattan’s Worldwide Plaza building. With the naming of a new president, the company required a new executive suite. The program was distilled into three major components, which were positioned in consecutive layers parallel to a fenestrated elevation. The executive part along the windows consists of two private offices, for the CEO and President, separated by conference and dining rooms. Facing it from the opposite, interior side is a support sector. It consists of three executive assistant stations with ancillary photocopy and file rooms. ...Read More

A service zone of executive bathrooms and a pantry is composed as a series of independent objects that divide the space inconspicuously. These solid objects are threaded by a frameless glass wall and doors to provide openness and natural light deep into the interior space.

The project uses a strong geometry to organize its design components. A module was developed to establish harmony and rhythm, while respecting the building’s fenestration spacing, and thus allowing perpendicular partitions to align with the exterior columns. The module provided a method by which the interior and exterior systems meet.

To reinforce the plan’s geometry and to define work and support areas, a visual aesthetic was created through refined detailing within a rigorously limited palette of materials. The palette integrates granite, Anigre wood veneer and stainless steel. Chairs and tables are art pieces by Robert Wilson.