French-Inspired yet Modern Details and Materials Envisioned for Public Areas of the Tokyo Bay Hotel


The design of interior public areas of this 200-beds hotel in Tokyo included atrium, art gallery, business center and a health club. While the volumes and perimeter of those spaces were set by the building architect – interior design, colors and finishes, and lighting became the core contribution to this hospitality project. ...Read More

Kume Sekkei, the established architectural Japanese firm, has required an international flavor to the design of the first hotel in the Tokyo Bay. With the support of the developer, the Railroad Company, the desired image of grand French hotels was interpreted in the use of materials, rather than the repetition of stylistic forms. The project includes a three-story atrium hosting temporary exhibits surrounded by retail areas and cafe on both the ground and mezzanine levels, art gallery, wedding chapel, business center, indoor health spa and outdoor rooftop swimming pool. The hotel is also known as Le Meridien Hotel.

The atrium is enclosed from the front side by a full-height glass wall that opens toward a plaza immediately connected to the public transportation system. Granite floor and light fixtures continue outside and engage the two spaces while providing the feeling of expansiveness. The opposite side features a similar glass enclosure above the mezzanine level for maximum daylight in the space.

Grand semi-circular stairs connecting to the mezzanine level provide the atrium’s main focus. Walls surrounding the stairs are clad with faceted panels of polished stainless steel layered with textured art glass and mounted with exposed fasteners. Their lightness and reflective qualities, reinforced through lighting, is contrasted with solid stone steps made out of flamed Black Absolute granite.

Atrium walls are articulated with vertical full height niches hosting punched doors, windows and curved balconies. In contrast with the warm French limestone, differently finished metal is used throughout the space, while polished red marble screen walls provide color accent. A stretched cable structure, inspired by gothic vaulted ceilings, further animates the space while providing support for custom designed light fixtures.

Special attention is given to details: stairs, metal mesh balconies, paired columns, framed glass doors and windows at atrium walls are carefully designed to incorporate modern technology. Granite floor pattern with accents of red and black marble provides a grid for location of custom designed torchieres.