A Working Wall Doubles as a Feature to Define Flexible Working Environment


DreamWorks SKG, a major Hollywood studio and entertainment company formed in 1994, desired a presence in New York. The space was to be used for corporate offices, marketing, publicity, distribution and support and as an east coast base for west coast executives. In addition to accommodating a complex array of programmatic and technical requirements, the offices were to project the image of the company as a whole. Most importantly, DreamWorks intent was to have a relaxed, informal and warm space, with an almost residential look and feel. ...Read More

All personnel specified in the program have private perimeter offices. Full height glass office fronts allow daylight and views for assistants and other associates working in the center. This flexible, common work area includes meeting tables to encourage interaction and provides expansion space for the marketing group.

Visiting dignitaries are served by two large offices and a conference room with multimedia capabilities. A translucent wall fronts the visitor suite for privacy, while its thickness accommodates sliding partitions and modular furniture.