A Series Of Small Buildings To Express The Wine Production Process.

DOMINUS WINERY, Yountville, Napa Valley, California

The 36,000 square foot winery complex consists of a series of small buildings expressing or identifying various functions in connection with wine making process, such as: wine production hosting a series of tanks, wine storage barrel room combined with wine tasting and entertaining, general storage and general offices for the owners.

When the site is approached, the entry courtyard is dominated by an office building, nicknamed the “chateau”, which houses owner’s offices and meeting spaces, with an entrance marked by an observation tower. Wine production essentially takes place in thank and barrel buildings in conjunction with a storage building. They all face landscaped garden and are connected by a roofed, open walkway. The project was not constructed.

Dominus Winery in Napa Valley was developed for the John Daniel Society in association with the owner of Petrus vineyards in France.