Art Gallery Distinguished the Company's Executive Suite


The Bell Atlantic executive suite is located on the penthouse floor of 1095 Sixth Avenue and was designed for their CEO following its merger with NYNEX. An art gallery, entered from building’s elevator lobby, displays the company’s art collection and provides the project’s main focus. Main reception area is featured with a curved art textured plaster wall and green onyx wall. It is subdivided from office area through open wood screen. Soft, natural forms symbolizing telephone waves contrast with a modular grid system of the restructured company. ...Read More

The art gallery is interrupted by shared reception areas, which subdivide it into four office clusters. They are opened to the exterior light and city views and serve as executive waiting. Custom accent walls and drop ceilings define the waiting areas, while screening them from typical office services (copy, bathrooms, corridors etc.) They are constructed from Eucalyptus veneer wood panels, green onyx accent panels and are featured with granite display shelf.

A combination of two contrasting wood veneers was used for system furniture at office and assistance areas as well as custom conference furniture.